Experience a bold incarnation of coastal accommodation without typical concierge or other distractions.  With the dawning of the computer age we have come to appreciate the romanticism of the industrial age. If a country were to adopt modernity it would undoubtedly be Australia, here this philosophy is courageously embraced with sustainable principals in design and living.

A journey to your own place of escape in one of only a handful of individually detailed rooms that integrate imagination and aesthetic daring; not just a bed for the night.  Mouth watering colours, eye-catching textures, relaxing ambiance, clean air and star studded skies. The cargo ships a reminder of the movement to and from our shore providing a cinema graphic experience whilst keeping rhythm to your day.

The lobby and lounging spaces are exciting and colourful fantasies of art and script, a study in careful juxtapositions. Vignettes relating to Australian industrialisation, sunny days at the beach, lifesaving out in titanic waves, a log cabin under mist, fallen reclaimed lumber and distant memories off our shores. An ultimate camp out experience where the wildlife assures you this could only be Australia.

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